The Record

What boat really owns the record for going around Jamestown the fastest? With the circumnavigation of Conanicut Island (aka Jamestown) being such a popular sailing course, the outright The Mount Gay Rum Around Jamestown Record was established. The record, a 17.8 nautical mile loop around Jamestown, will reflect seasonal champions as well as the all-time record holders in four different classes. It is an open event for sailboats aimed to determine, an all out, official Around Jamestown Record!

How The Record Works

Records will be recognized in the following categories:

  1. Monohull 32′ and over
  2. Multihull 32′ and over
  3. Monohull under 32′
  4. Multihull under 32′
  5. All Kiteboarders and Foiling craft

Note:  LOA is a yacht’s “Length Overall” measurement not including pulpits, bowsprits, boomkins, etc.

  • Competitors can choose a time that gives them the best weather window to break the record (For 2017, competitors have between May 29 and October 31 to choose their window)
  • The boat with the best time in each class at the end of the season will be the record holder
  • If that time is not bested in subsequent years the boat remains the outright “Mount Gay Rum Around Jamestown Record” holder
  • Entrants must notify the Race Committee by 5pm the preceding day of a record attempt
  • Boats can sail around Jamestown in the direction of their choosing
  • A prize-giving party will be held at the end of every season to award trophies. The IYAC in Newport, RI will host the annual Awards Party.
  • A portion of each entry fee will benefit Sail Newport.

Ready to take your shot? Enter the competition here!


Outright Record Holder

Outright & Perpetual Record Holder:
Foiling Kiteboard - Florida Pure Premium Express - October 28, 2016 - Elapsed Time: 00:53:37

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