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2016 Around Jamestown Record NOR

Please fill out the form below. It is also required that every boat download, complete and present the 2016-Around-Jamestown-record-Entry-Form-Crew Waiver to a race official on the day of an attempt.

Once you have filled out the Entry Form & downloaded the Crew Waiver Form please continue to purchase your Record Attempts.

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  15. Prior to your first record attempt you will be required to provide a signed crew waiver and a current measurement certificate stating the vessel's waterline length.

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Outright Record Holder

Outright & Perpetual Record Holder:
Foiling Kiteboard - Florida Pure Premium Express - October 28, 2016 - Elapsed Time: 00:53:37

Annual Record Holders

Multihull 32' and Above:
2016: M32, Black Boat, 01:08:42
2015: Mod70, Phaedo3, 00:56:33
2014: M32, Bronco, 01:02:38
2013: M32, Ultimate Pressure, 01:07:59

Multihull Under 32':
2016: No Attempt
2015: HT18, KWYJIBoat, 1:46:13
2014: F31, Bazinga, 1:33:53

Monohull 32' and Above:
2016: No Attempt
2015: No Attempt
2014: 72’ mini-maxi, Bella Mente 01:19:35
2013: 74' sloop, Heroina, 02:01:13
2012: Class40, Icarus, 02:49:37

Monohull Under 32':
2016: No Attempt
2014 & 2015: No attempts
2013: Shaw 6.50, Manic, 2:00:29

Kiteboards and All Foiling Craft:
2016: Foiling Kiteboard, 00:53:37
2015: GC32Argo, 00:59:22
2014: GC32Argo, 00:58:31

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The Mount Gay Rum is ready to go! Join us at the IYAC for the Around Jamestown Record awards party at 6pm this Friday! ...

The awards ceremony for the 2016 Around Jamestown Record will be held on Friday December 9th at the IYAC! Join us at 6pm for the ceremony and Mount Gay Rum drink specials, whether you entered this year or just love rum-- all are welcome! The event coincides with the Thistle end of season party. ...

The 2016 Around Jamestown Record officially came to a close on October 31st and we are pleased to announce Zach Marks as the new Outright Record Holder!

Zach will hold onto this record at least until Memorial Day 2017, which is when the AJR opens up again for challengers. Congratulations Zach! Stay tuned for the announcement of the awards party date.

Photos from Around Jamestown Record's post (3 photos) ...

Photos from Around Jamestown Record's post (2 photos) ...

The 2016 Around Jamestown Record is open from May 30 - October 31st