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Dave Lussier

May 19, 2013at 9:09 pm

Hello again,

Just checking in to see if the prize for 2013 is still the skipper weight in rum? Is that for each class of just if the overall already set record is broken?


Around Jamestown Record Admin

September 9, 2013at 7:19 am

Hi Dave
Just cleaning up the website and noticed this comment from May! I hope someone has responded to you, but if not the answer is yes the prize for 2013 is the Skipper’s Weight in Mount Gay Rum. Time to beat to earn that is 2 hours 01 minute 13 seconds.

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Mod70 - Phaedo3 - June 27, 2015 - Elapsed Time: 00:56:33

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Multihull 32' and Above:
2015: Mod70, Phaedo3, 00:56:33

Multihull Under 32':
2015: HT18, KWYJIBoat, 1:46:13

Monohull 32' and Above:
2014: 72’ mini-maxi, Bella Mente 01:19:35 (No attempt in 2015)

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2013: Shaw 6.50, Manic, 2:00:29 (No attempt in 2015)

Kiteboards and All Foiling Craft:
2015: GC32Argo, 0:59:22

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